National transport

making use us of the Palletways circuit, we guarantee deliveries on pallet in all Italy in times breviums.

Palletways Italy first network is specialized in the movimentazione of palletized freight in our Paese.Costituito gives beyond 85 concessionaires distributed capillary on the national territory, the pallet network in Italy withdraws, proceeded and distributes through three hub of Milano, Bologna and Avellino shipments in all the national territory. Palletways Italy PLC enlivens in average 4,500 pallets to night.

Every dealer withdraws the goods close to the own local clients and does return to the own warehouse with the retired goods. To follow the pallets they are carried close to the hub of Milano, Bologna or Avellino and here with the help of a system sophisticated IT , are sorted and assigned to the bays of cargo of the concessionaires who make the deliveries. The concessionaires, withdrawn the pallets destined for their competence zone, carry them towards the own local deposit and from here the goods are then distributed to the final client.

The local hub guarantees daily departures assisted by an advanced information system that helps the clients to plan the own forwarding knowing with certitude the times of returned. In fact the system Track and on-line Trace lets follow the forwarding with the beginning of the journey to the final delivery.

Palletways each day distributes and withdraws goods offering 2 service levels: Premium and Economy that offer an efficient solution for you and your client inside the Europe.

Premium : it is the swiftest solution. Customer ce Servi and information support are thought to offer information and transparence in each phase of the delivery.

Economy : greater flexibility on the delivery times, but with the same advantages offered by the service Premium .

  • An Only Partner
  • Guaranteed daily departures
  • Total Control of the shipment
  • Simple and clear rates


Our Services

Daily service

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Dedicated service

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International transport

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National transport

making use us of the Palletways circuit, we guarantee deliveries on pallet in all Italy in times breviums. Palletways...
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In order to offer a complete and efficient service with times of preparation, delivery and routing of...
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Customers service

A dedicated team gives information, solves possible problems, he picks up the demands and recommends...
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